Budget management

With budget management, we manage your finances for you.

At your request, Aeslupa can manage your finances for you. From our office in Amsterdam, we help clients with the administration of their budget. Read below how we work and at what the rates for our services are.

Do you want to get control over your debts?
We can help you with that.
We’ll map your debts and help you to reduce them.

How does our budget management work?

If you want us to manage your budget, we take three steps together:

  1. Acquentaince

First of all, we get to know each other and list your income and assets. With this we can see if you are entitled to a compensation for the expenses of our services. Also, at this first stage of our cooperation, we draw up an agreement and arrange an authorization to manage your banking.

  1. Intake

Secondly, we make an overview of your income and expenses. We settle budgets, make a plan, contact collection agency(s) and organize your administration.

     3. Budget management

After all the information and agreements are arranged, we can start with the management of your budget. We make sure all is organized well and taken care of. We receive all relevant mail for you, manage your budget and take care of the payment of your expenses.


The compensation for our services consist of a one-off intake fee and a monthly payment for the period of our agreement. In our rates, we distinguish single households and multiperson households. When our cooperation is ended, a compensation for the closure expenses is charged.

Single household

Intake: € 484,-
Monthly costs: € 79,86
Closure files: € 246,84

Multiperson household

Intake: € 665,50
Mothly costs: € 100,43
Closure files: € 246,84

In both cases, additional services are delivered at a tariff of € 128,26 per hour.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.