About Aeslupa

Do you feel your expenses exceed your income? Or do you want more insight in your finances? Aeslupa offers you insight in, overview on and controle over your financial affairs, gives advice and manages your budget fully customized to your needs.

We build our services on the foundation of our three cornerstones: Peace of Mind, Human Aspect and Independence.

The three cornerstones of Aeslupa

The three cornerstones of Aeslupa are:

Peace of Mind

In addition to the practical operations that we take of your plate, we provide you peace of mind by giving you overview in stressful situations.

Human Aspect

Our approach is personal, involved and at the same time sound and professional. We give space where we can and protection where needed.


We respect the financial independence of rights holders. If the situation allows, we work together to a maturing financial independence.

Aeslupa Services

Aeslupa offers legal administration, budget consultation, budget management and opening a basic bank account. Would you like to know more about these Aeslupa services? Read more here.

About Aeslupa

Aeslupa is an independent enterprise with a legal administrator and a director. Aeslupa is part of Lupacompany.

Lupacompany is there for clients that want to make a success out of their enterprise, project organization and understand that with our efforts we can expedite that progress.

Lupacompany is located at the Jacob van Lennepkade 205 in Amsterdam (oud West). The office has six fixed and two flexible workspaces and two meeting rooms. Additionally, we have fixed workspaces at several of our clients.

Do you think we can help you further? Contact us info [at] lupacompany.com (today.)

Aeslupa is part of Lupacompany