Aeslupa: cash management, coaching and legal administration

Aeslupa helps you to get financialy well organized. To that end we offer the following services:

Legal administration

If, due to mental or physical reasons, you are unable to take care of your finances, you may qualify for legal administration. An legal administrator then manages income and expenses and arranges all your financial affairs. We offer legal administration to help you or someone near to you.  

Budgetadvice & coaching

Do you feel that your expenses are greater dan your income? Or do you want more insight in your financial situation? At Aeslupa we support you in saving on your costs. We are creative, passionate and work for you to make sure your finances are more balanced. With our budget coaching services, Aeslupa helps organising your administration by setting targets and developing a plan to reach these goals. Budget coaching is often a short term program. Usually you are not handing over the control over your cash. Instead you are supported to learn to handle all your cash transactions yourself in a sufficient way.

Cash management

Are you considering budget management by Aeslupa? If you choose this service we actively manage your finances. We map out your situation, set goals, make a plan and carry that out with you. We make savings and try to reduce expenses and debts.

Opening a basic bank account (Basisbankrekening)

We help people who for whatever reasons are not entitled to open a regular bank account. With you we apply for a so called basisbankrekening (basic bank account).

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