Opening a basic bank account

It might be that, because of circumstances in the past, the opening of a regular bank account is being refused. In The Netherlands, you may be able though, to open a so called 'basic bank account'. But in order to open a basic bank account, you must meet certain requirements. One of those is that you must apply for the basis bank account together with a certified professional. Aeslupa is certified to open a basic bank account with you.

Opening a basic bank account with Aeslupa

Aeslupa helps people that need a basic bank account. We can apply for it and settle an agreement to monitor the bank account for a period of at least six months. It might be that the bank demands a longer period in which we monitor, or that we have to meet other additional requirements.

Our procedure

These are the steps that must be taken to open a basic bank account:

  1. Interview;
  2. Signing authorization and agreement;
  3. Payment fee intake; 
  4. Filling in forms to request debit card;
  5. Agreement by the bank, receiving of debit card;
  6. Meeting at the bank to authorize debit card;
  7. Putting into use debit card and basic bank account.

Do note: this service is not free of charge.


We charge

- Intake fee  €423,50- Monthly fee €90,75 for the period of monitoring 

Our rates include 21% VAT.


The intake fee must be paid before the application for a debit card at the bank. 
The monthly fee must be paid each month, starting at the beginning of our service.