Rent allowance

If you have a rental property and you spend too much money on renting your house in relation to the income, you may be eligible for a supplement.

What conditions do I have to meet to receive rent allowance?

To be eligible for the allowance, you must meet the following conditions regarding your personal situation:

* You are 18 years or older;

* The income and assets of yourself and any fellow residents / allowance partner is not too high;

*You and your possible fellow residents have the Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit;

* You are registered at the residential address for which you apply for rent allowance;

* Everyone who lives with you is registered with the municipality.

In addition, the property must meet the following conditions:

* You live in an independent home. This is a living space with its own entrance door, its own toilet and kitchen;

*The rental costs are not too high. In 2022, the calculation rent may not exceed € 763.47. Are you and your possible partner younger than 23 years old and do you have no live-in children? then the calculation rent may not exceed € 442.46 (2022).

The property must be suitable for your situation. For example, the house may not be too spacious or not too expensive. If the municipality does not find the house suitable for you, you will not receive a surcharge. Furthermore, there are conditions regarding the income: the income may not be too high. The maximum income to be to qualify for rent allowance depends on the rent, the composition of the household and your age. The Tax and Customs Administration developed a tool with which you can do a test calculation to see whether, and if so how much (rent) surcharge you may be entitled to.

In addition, a maximum of assets and savings applies. If you have more savings than €31,747 in 2022, you are not entitled to the surcharge.

How much rent allowance can I get?

There is no single answer to this. The amount of the surcharge is calculated on the basis of your rent, your income and assets. You can make the test calculationon the website of the tax authorities.

How can I apply for a supplement?

Rent allowance can be applied for directly on the website of the Tax And Customs Administration. This can be done with your DigiD on Lexlupa can also arrange supplement requests. Feel free to contact us.

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