Aeslupa: assistance with legal administration

It may sound familiar to caregivers: someone in your surroundings is not (entirely) capable to manage his or her income and expenses adequately. Your concerns might call you to offer help, by managing their financial affairs. However if this -understandably so- costs you too much time, effort or energy, appointing a certified administrator is also a solution. 

Aeslupa has the knowledge, skill and qualifications to assist or administrate. Read more below about how legal administration works in general. And more specifically, how Aeslupa can help. 

What is legal administration?

Legal administration, simply put, is a measure with which people who are incapable of managing their own finances, are protected. By giving someone else the legal responsibility over their financial affairs, debts may be cleared and new financial problems are prevented. 

Aeslupa offers support by taking on these financial responsibilities. We unburden caregivers and support those involved in a humane as well as a professional manner. 

How does Aeslupa work?

Aeslupa creates -above all- a solid collaboration between caregiver and those involved. This is why with Aeslupa, the legal admnistration process starts with an intake conversation. Together we figure out what the problems are, how we can help and whether there is a connection. After the intake there is a reflection period, so you as the one requesting help can consider whether we are in fact the right party for you. Is this the case? Great! Then, together (caregiver, involved and our administrator) we set up an official application for legal administration. 

Aeslupa at work

When legal administration has been granted, the administrator can get to work. In this case, Aeslupa will first create an overview of the financial situation of the individual that needs the legal administration. Then, the administration will be handed to us. In this, the caregiver or the involved are not bypassed. The beneficiary will always receive allowance and will have (a little) financial freedom. Also, the involved parties receive complete insight in income and expenses. With your own account on our software One view, you can see exactly what is happening with the finances. A judge will also supervise the activities; the legal administrator will need to justify the administration to the court. 

The three pillars of legal administration by Aeslupa

It is in both your interest and that of Aeslupa that the activities of our legal administrator run optimally. Aeslupa has a clear vision about the way that we can do more: we work according to our three central pillars: 

  • Create peace of mind
    As an administrator, we understand the importance for you to have peace of mind. Of course, we provide with this first and foremost by being professional and capable. Our considerable knowledge and years of experience with budget management, accountancy and coaching are the foundation for this. In addition to the practical matters that we unburden you from, we will also give you peace of mind by giving you a transparent and clear overview in an often stressful situation. 
  • Acting humanely
    The people for who we are the administrator are not anonymous clients to us. Because everyone has a unique background and circumstances, our approach is personal, involved and at the same time professional. We give space where possible and protection where necessary. 
  • Independency
    The third pillar of Aeslupa is independency. Where possible and desirable, we respect the financial independence of the beneficiaries. When the situation allows, we work toward a growing financial independency together. When financial independency is not realistic, we discuss how we can manage the affairs with respect for the beneficiary, caregivers and others involved. We offer support where necessary and desirable. No more and no less. 

Legal administration: how, what and why

Now you understand what Aeslupa can do for as a caregiver, we would like to explain for who legal administration is meant and how it works. This way you can check whether it might bring relief to you/the person you represent. 

For whom is legal administration meant? 

Legal administration is meant for adults that are not or no longer capable of taking care of their own financial affairs due to a physical or mental condition. If this is the case for someone in your surroundings, then legal administration is a solution. 

For example, you can apply for legal administration for a parent or partner suffering from dementia, your adult child with down syndrome, a friend with a progressive disease or a family member that suffers from the consequences of an addiction. 

Also, a legal administrator can help in a professional setting. For example to help a client of yours that has gotten lost in their finances or an employee whose wages have been seized

Also when someone has squandered their income or are in debt and are not capable to manage their finances in a responsible way, you can call upon the help of a legal administrator. For those that have tax debts, an excessive spending pattern or have more expenses than income, legal administration can contribute to a solution significantly. 

How does legal administration work?

When you are involved with someone that is not capable of managing their own financial affairs, albeit because of a physical or mental condition, squandering or not (entirely) being capable of managing their finances adequately, you can apply for legal administration. When you have lost control of your own financial situation yourself, applying for legal administration can offer help.

The procedure for legal administration in the Netherlands consists of the following steps: 

  1. The application 

A request for legal administration is submitted with the district court. They determine ultimately if legal administration is granted. The journey starts with downloading, filling in and sending this form*. With this you give the judge the necessary information and attachments surrounding the situation of those for whom you are applying; the involved. Read the explanation* first, attach the requested documents and mail the documents to a district court in your region*. For a lot of people, applying for administration can be a considerable and difficult obstacle. Aeslupa can help with this. When the request for support arises after the intake, we will do the application together. 

  1. The hearing

When the application has been sent out, you will receive an invitation for a hearing. You, the involved, any other involved parties and the suggested legal administrator will be present at the hearing. During the hearing those present will be informed, questions will be answered and their opinion regarding the situation will be requested. Aeslupa will always go with you to a hearing with a joint application, to support you. 

  1. The verdict

A verdict regarding the appointment will follow in writing after the hearing. When the application is denied, you can appeal* this decision. When the legal administration is granted, the administration will go into effect immediately after receiving the verdict. The district court will inform you about the period of the legal administration and determines what the fee of the administrator will be*. This is the moment that the financial care will be transferred and you, after a sigh in relief, can focus on other things. 

Do you need administrative help, or do you consider handing over your financial administration? We are more than happy to help you! 

Please contact us for any questions or more information about legal administration by Aeslupa. 

*Need help navigating the Dutch websites? Please feel free to contact us! 

By offering budget management, advice and legal administration, Aeslupa helps individuals with their finances. We offer relief of financial problems and responsibilities in a human, thorough and practical way, and support independence where possible.