Extra energy surcharge low incomes 2022

How and what?

Do you live in The Netherlands and can you hardly pay the energy bill? The Dutch government may have made money available for you. People with low incomes (including self-employed and AOW) are met with an extra energy surcharge. This scheme is in addition to the €200,- that was previously promised.  Read in this article if and how you can receive this extra money.

What is energy surcharge?

Having trouble paying your energy bill? Then the government may meet you with a surcharge of € 800,-. You will receive this amount once. The government does this to prevent energy poverty. This was decided by the cabinet on 11 March 2022.

Earlier, the cabinet already came up with a compensation of € 200 for everyone. But due to rising prices and the consequences that this entails, the government wants to provide extra support to people with a lower income. They can therefore claim approximately € 800,-. This amount is a guideline. For each municipality - the paying authority - the exact amount is determined, and it is determined whether the amount is paid out in one go or in parts.

Who is the supplementary energy surcharge for?

The additional energy surcharge is for people who are around the minimum income. Are you on welfare? Then you are entitled to the surcharge anyway. You will receive the amount automatically deposited.

Are you a self-employed person or employee with a low income? Or do you not have a supplementary pension as an AOW pensioner? Even then you may be entitled to the surcharge. It is estimated that around 800,000 households will be eligible for this additional compensation. It is therefore worth investigating whether you can also claim the scheme.

How do you arrange energy surcharge?

Do you think you might be eligible for the additional energy surcharge? You will then have to apply for the allowance from your municipality. It is then determined whether your application will be granted, and to what amount you are entitled. Again: the amount of € 800, - is a national guideline, the exact amount is determined per municipality.

At the time of writing (March 2022), the scheme is being implemented at the municipalities. Keep an eye on your municipality's website for further information.

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