Energy Emergency Fund 2024 extended until mid-March

Are your energy costs skyrocketing this year? Because there has been a large demand on the Energy Emergency Fund, extra money has been made available. You may also be eligible. But don't wait too long to apply. The extension of the Emergency Fund will only run until mid-March 2024.

How does the Energy Emergency Fund work?

In this article last year, Aeslupa explained what the Emergency Fund entails, who can use it and how to apply. Read this to learn more about the Emergency Fund.

What's new: Energy Emergency Fund 2024

On February 15, 2024, writes: An additional 24 million euros will be made available in the temporary Energy Emergency Fund 2024 to support households to pay their energy bills. In order to be able to support even more people, the available budget has now been increased from 60 million euros to 84 million euros. Energy companies such as Essent, Vattenfall, Eneco and Greenchoice are putting an extra eight million euros into the pot. Outgoing Minister Schouten of Poverty Reduction is providing sixteen million euros. With this supplement to the energy emergency fund, 38,000 additional households can be helped.

Who is the (supplementary) Emergency Fund for?

The Emergency Fund will be available in 2024 for households with a gross monthly income of up to 3,200 euros (single) and 4,480 euros (cohabiting). In 2023, the gross income for single people still had to be below €2,980, and cohabitants less than €3,794. So the standard has now been broadened slightly. Eligible households must spend at least 8 to 10 percent of that income on energy costs. Do you fall within these criteria? The fund will then pay part of your energy bill for a maximum of six months.

Do the Emergency Energy Fund 2024 Check

If you are wondering whether - or think you are entitled to support from the Emergency Energy Fund, do the Emergency Fund Check via this link. On the basis of seven questions, an estimate is made whether you will receive money. If this is the case, you will see a link with which you can register and start the application.

Need any help?

Do you find it difficult to complete the check properly or to apply to the Emergency Fund? Aeslupa is happy to help you! Even if you are worried about your financial situation, or that of someone close to you, we are there with a listening ear. We have the knowledge and skills in-house for tailor-made guidance and unburdening where possible. You can read more about the Energy Emergency Fund at (in Dutch only).

Energy Emergency Fund 2024