Emergency Energy Fund: will you be reimbursed part of your energy bill?

Do you live in the Netherlands? Are you single and is your gross income less than € 2,980 per month? Or do you live together in he Netherlands and do you and your partner earn less than € 3.794 gross? Then you may be able to get part of your energy bill paid by the newly established Emergency Energy Fund. Read here if and how you claim support. 

Help for vulnerable households

Six (energy) companies have taken the initiative to set up a fund to support vulnerable households with the costs of their energy bills. In collaboration with the government, the Emergency Energy Fund was created in February 2022.

Temporary arrangement

Since 7 February, you can apply for support from the Emergency Fund. If the aid is granted, part of your energy bill will be (re)paid. The fund is temporary and reimburses costs for the period of six months with the colder months: it concerns the energy bills from the period October 2022 to March 2023.

Are you eligible?

If you:
- have less gross income than twice the minimum wage (€ 2,980  for single and or  € 3,794  for cohabiting and including 8% holiday pay), and
- have a contract for gas, electricity and / or district heating with an energy supplier, and
- your energybill is  higher  than 10 to 13% of the (jointe)  gross income,
then you may be entitled to the allowance from the Emergency Energy Fund.

How much do you get from the Temporary Emergency Energy Fund?

Will your application be granted? Then it depends on your income, how much money you get (back): If your income  is less than 160% of the social minimum, the Emergency Fund will pay the part of the energy bill that exceeds 10% of your income. Is your income between 160% and 200% of the social minimum? Then the Energy Emergency Fund pays that part of the bills that exceeded 13% of your monthly income.

Calculation example
Janneke is single and has a gross income of € 2,000 gross (including holiday pay). That's more than the minimum, but less than 160%. Her energy bill was €250 in December 2022. That's €50 more than 10% of her income. She can recover this amount from the Emergency Fund for this month.

Do the Emergency Energy Fund Check

If you are wondering whether - or think you are entitled to support from the Emergency Energy Fund, do the Emergency Fund Check via this link
  . On the basis of seven questions, an estimate is made whether you will receive money. If this is the case, you will see a link with which you can register and start the application.

Need any help?

Do you find it difficult to complete the check properly or to apply to the Emergency Fund? Aeslupa is happy to help you! Even if you are worried about your financial situation, or that of someone close to you, we are there with a listening ear. We have the knowledge and skills in-house for tailor-made guidance and unburdening where possible. You can read more about the Energy Emergency Fund at geldfit.nl (in Dutch only).

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