Enter the amicable process when you having debts

If your company faces financial problems , it is wise to recognize the problems as soon as possible and to seek for a solution trough external advise. This gives you the best chance to heal your business.

Debt counsellor
In some cases, you can get financial support, such as a bbz-uitkering. If this is not possible , then it is important that you seek contact with a debt counsellor. This can be done via the municipal credit, the social service or a specialized company. A debt counsellor will help you close an amicable agreement; an agreement with creditors concerning (partial ) refund. Such an agreement gives you the obligation to spend no more than 95% of the guaranteed minimum income (bijstandminimum) for 3 years. The rest of your income goes to the creditors. After 3 years the remaining debt will be condoned.

Benefits of amicable agreements
A solution via an amicable settlement is often more attractive than a debt restructuring (schuldsanering) . The repayment to creditors is usually higher , you are more likely to maintain your business and you have more flexibility compared to the debt restructuring.