Encouraging young talent

Encouraging young talent

At present unemployed young people need support more than ever to develop their talents and enrich the lives of others with their artful expressions.

VandenEnde foundation

Creating opportunities. That is the mission statement of VandenEnde Foundation. The initiative for this remarkable culture fund is created by Joop and Janine van den Ende, with as its priority to encourage the interest in culture and cultural entrepreneurship. The VandenEnde Foundation offers opportunities to young talent through the means of study- and work scholarships. VandenEnde Foundation is also the initiator of the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam.

The European Social Fund
At present unemployed young people need support more than ever to develop their talents. If they get that support, through a combination of work experience and education, they can avoid unemployment. The ESF-projects are dedicated to aid people with a underprivileged background in finding a job. Young people that are looking for their first job, older employees that want to learn new skills so they can keep their current job and people with a chronic illness, are just a few examples of the groups of job searchers that the ESF supports. This support consists, among others, of projects that grant access to the right educational programs, projects that offer help with applying for a job, and that, in collaboration with employers offer a prospect of a suitable job. An example of this is the educational program for prisoners and former prisoners that teaches them the necessary skill to re-enter the job market. Until now almost 7000 people have benefited from this.

Below are two examples regarding young talents:

Noa Wildschut (12)

This violin talent may play on an ancient violin from now on. The violin was made in Milan in 1714 by Giovanni Battista Grancino. The violin has been made available by the National Musical Instrument Fund (NMF). The NMF considers the 300 year old violin as the perfect instrument for Noa to develop her already great talent. Noa started playing the violin at the age of four. Since 2008 she is part of Sweelinck Academy, the young talent department of the conservatoire of Amsterdam. She has played with famous musicians such as Janine Jansen and the brothers Arthur and Lucas Jussen. The fund provides professional musicians with high quality musical instruments. In 25 years over 1750 musicians have been provided with a musical instrument. Noa won the Young Talent Award in 2013.

Anne van der Kruis

Presented her first fascinating part of ‘Blues in Boxes’ in 2012. This happened during the festival Boulevard. The festival’s programming is less extensive compared to the previous years because the festival lost its grant after budget cuts. With aid of partners from Flanders and Brabant director Geert Overdam has managed to create quite a daring program. Young artists, who just graduated from art schools that could be hindered because they do not get enough time and funding to set their plans in motion.


These are examples of solutions that we need in these difficult times. They offer possibilities for young people to get started during difficult economic times. Young people are the future!

Source: Article in the Volkskrant 3rd of August 2013.